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Top Division Women 1


Competition canceled due to Coronavirus

As expected: Basketbal.Vlaanderen and AWBB – Association Wallonie-Bruxelles de Basketball have announced that all competitions have now been canceled entirely. Here’s the official announcement:


TDW1: Top Scorers

1) Jessica Kelliher (DP World Giants): 22.8 ppg2) Brittany Starling (Phantoms Women’s Basketball): 19.2 ppg3) Sofie Hendrickx (Spirou Ladies Charleroi): 17.6 ppg4) Miete Celus (Basket Lummen): 16.1 ppg5) Sarah Imovbioh (Basket Namur Capitale): 16.1 ppg


TDW1: Top Rebounders

1) Billie Massey (BBC Sint Katelijne Waver): 14.1 rpg2) Sarah Imovbioh (Basket Namur Capitale): 13.3 rpg3) Jessica Lindstrom (Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen): 11.8 rpg4) Brittany Starling (Phantoms Women’s Basketball): 11.0 rpg5) Jessica Kelliher (DP World Giants): 10.0 rpg


TDW1: Top Passers

1) Marjorie Carpréaux (Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen): 6.3 apg2) Rachael Vanderwal (Basket Namur Capitale): 5.0 apg3) Mariona Ortiz (Royal Castors Braine): 4.6 apg4) Mélissa Diawakana (Royal Castors Braine): 4.3 apg5) Natacha Doppee (VOO Liège Panthers): 3.8 apg


Power Ranking: Top Division Women 1

With the regular season in the books let’s take a final look at the #TDW1 Power Ranking: 1) Jessica Kelliher (DP World Giants): 76.4 rtpg2) Billie Massey (BBC Sint Katelijne Waver): 72.1 rtpg3) Jessica Lindstrom (Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen): 70.7 rtpg4) Sarah Imovbioh (Basket Namur Capitale): 69.8 rtpg5) Brittany Starling (Phantoms Women’s Basketball): 69.3 rtpg6) Celeste Trahan-Davis (Royal…