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Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Overview: Belgian Youngsters Abroad (2020-’21)

Traditionally we at TIB publish a little overview at the start of each season discussing the Belgian Players who will be playing abroad. We do this in three seperate categories: Belgian Players Abroad in which we discuss the Belgian professional players abroad. Belgian Youngsters Abroad in wich we discuss the Belgian youngsters (born in 1999…

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Younes Boukichou heads abroad to sign with Gravelines

The younger brother of Belgian Lion Khalid Boukichou – Younes Boukichou – is leaving the AWBB Academy to continue his development at Gravelines where he will play for the U18 and U21 squads. At Gravelines he will team-up with other Belgian youngsters such as Milo Hautekeet and Ayuba Bryant under the watchful eyes of Belgian…

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Youngster Joel Ekamba signs with Monaco Basket (video)

Joel Ekamba has decided to leave Limoges to sign with Monaco Basket. After a good season in French U21 league where he averaged 12.2points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.0 assists last season, Ekamba will play with the Monaco U21 team and will try to get minutes with the A team of coach Mitrovic.

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Thomas Van Ounsem will start his professional career with Bordeaux

After 5 seasons in the French Espoirs competition (2 seasons at Antibes and 3 seasons at Bourg), 21 year old Thomas Van Ounsem has now signed with JSA Bordeaux (NM1) where he will start his professional career this upcoming season. In those 5 seasons in the French Espoirs championship Van Ounsem played in a total…

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Youngster Milo Hautekeet is headed to Gravelines

The 15 year old and 2m03 tall Center Milo Hautekeet has announced his departure from the AWBB Academy to continue his basketball development at Gravelines (France) this upcoming season. At TIB we wish him good luck and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on his progression throughout the upcoming seasons.

Belgian Student-Athletes in the USABelgian Youngsters Abroad

Ayoub Nouhi will leave Arlington to start his professional career

After 2 years in NCAA with Texas-Arlington, Ayoub Nouhi will leave the USA to start his professional career. In 2017-2018, Nouhi spent a year in Spain with the Canarias Basketball Academy before joining UT Arlington. In his first year , he played 31 games for the Mavericks averaging 12MPG, 2,5 PTS and 1,2 RBDS. This…

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Power Ranking: Belgian Youngsters in Europe

1) Thomas Van Ounsem (Bourg – FRA U21): 38.1 rtpg2) Vincent Gielen (Zentro Madrid – ESP D4): 29.4 rtpg3) Thibault Vanderhaegen (Den Helder – NED D1): 27.1 rtpg4) Joël Ekamba (Limoges – FRA U21): 9.8 rtpg5) Benjamin Janssens (Avila – ESP D4): 7.4 rtpg6) Haris Bratanović (FC Barcelona – ESP D3): 2.2 rtpg – Cedric Dedecker (Leeuwarden – NED D1)– Robbe Janssens (Leon – ESP D4)– David Filbiche (Tamis – SRB…

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Player Profile: Haris Bratanović

The season has most likely already ended for one of the biggest Belgian prospects around as Haris Bratanovic has terminated his contract with Barcelona, making him a Free-Agent. Bratanovic had been unhappy with the limited playing time he was receiving this season and felt like staying with the club would slow down his development as…

Belgian Youngsters AbroadEMBLTDM1

Player Profile: Ajay Mitchell

It’s never easy to find that perfect environment. This past summer talented youngster Ajay Mitchell had a tough decision to make. After 2 very solid European Tournaments with the Belgian National Youth Teams (U16 & U18) and a strong berth at the NBA Academy Games (9.5 ppg) Mitchell had started raising some eyebrows with his clearly visible…

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Joël Ekamba signs with Limoges

Another Belgian youngster has found his way abroad as Joël Ekamba signed with Limoges CSP in France. For Limoges he will mainly play with their U21 team, while he will train with the first team.